When it comes to winter, cleaning public and commercial spaces require just as much care and attention as the summer months. It’s argued even closer attention should be paid. An office or workplace clean can be tailored to meet all of your requirements in all seasons.

When your business has seasonality this proves challenging when hiring a cleaner. Perhaps you require more (or less) hours over a certain period. Outsourcing your cleaning means you can enjoy a tailored made package to flex with your business. No holidays to cover, consistent high standards and a customer care team at your service. MTB Commercial is the perfect cleaning solution.

Winter Hazards

Water damage, windows filled with moisture and wet floors. These are just some of the perals that come along with the colder months. Mixed with coughs, colds and COVID makes for the added importance of cleaning both the visible and non-visible threats to working and to health.

Paying attention to these areas helps prevent accidents. Staff morale is also boosted with a clean workspace. A spotless environment that is cared for reflects on the way a company thinks about their teams.

The Benefits of Using a Commerical Cleaning Company

When employing a cleaner directly this comes with the risk of time off through sickness. Added to that, management of another team member, training and payroll. Outsourcing a commercial cleaning team relieves you of the pressure of finding a replacements, recruiting someone new and holiday pay. Using MTB Commercial gives your business the flexibility to suit your own schedule and the consistency of high standards and a trained team of cleaners.  

Commercial Cleaning – Where to Find Out More

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How to Clean Your Business in Winter